Founder in 1977,Danyang New Auto Industrial Co.,Ltd is located in Xinqiao Town,North of Danyang,Eastern suburb of Zhenjiang City.It is adjacent to Huning Expressway and Changzhou Airport.So it has transport facilities.Our company covers an area of 30000 m2,including 2000 m2 workshop.We have more than 80 employees.In 1984,We started to produce the lamp lanterns and device panels in autos and motorcycles,auto inner plastics and so on.We own more than 20 industrial design patents,3C certification for more than 100 products and Emark Certification for more than 20 products,which create a good economic benefit and social benefit for our company.



Marketing Network
Our products are used in the vahicles produced by Three-one Group,Changan Kuayue,Hunan Tongxin,Zhonglian Qidiao,Yough Coach,Meihua Coach,Nanche Coach,Futian Ouhui,Liaocheng Zhongtong,Hengshan Coach,Fangding Vehicle,Zhenghe Vehicle,Xugong Vehicle,Dongfeng vehicel,Shanxi vehicles,Sichuan vehicle,Changzhou Engine Group etc.Our products are exported to Brazil,Chile,Thailand,Vietn-am,Laos,Iraq,Kenya,Turkey,and other countries and regions.Our products enjoy a good reputation for good quality.





Technical Strength
Our company owns 60 sets of equipments,including plastic injection machines,BMC injection machines,numerical control machines,hot plate welding ultrasonic machines,air tight machines,Nissan automatic coating machines,lamps inspection equipment and so on.We have four assembly lines with the capacity of 160,000 pcs products a year.After restructured,our company consists of Finance Department,Purchasing Department,Production Department,Technology Development Department,Human Resourced Department,Quality Department and Marketing Department.




Social Responsibility
With the spirit of "Market is base,Quality is most important,timely service and customer is supreme",through strengthening enterprise managemen,setting up perfect production management,quality management and carrying them out well.And all the staff quality has been improved.Our product are greatly improved in quality.We will set up a new enterprise image with scientific management thought and advanced management.Our aim is to speed up development of our company.We will achieve new goals and creat new brilliance with new attitude.



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